Soil Moisture Sensors

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Mosca-Hooper Conservation District- Soil Moisture Sensor

AquaSpy: AquaSpy offers ,the first multi-sensor probe in the world to accurately separate moisture from conductivity. It is simple because one high quality circuit controls all of the 4 inch measurement zones by measuring soil moisture, temperature, and EC distinctly and separately. Unlike traditional sensor probes, the P Probe measures moisture in the soil via a perfectly linear wave signal in all soil types without being influenced by varying EC levels. The moisture data is presented as a number where 0 represents air and 100 represents full water saturation. Each zone has its own full and refill points so holding capacity determines soil type by layer rather than proclaiming soil type and having the sensor calibrated to measure moisture content on a scale calibrated for that proclaimed soil type. Most importantly, this measurement type allows complete separation of moisture and EC values. The measured EC (representing salt, nitrates, phosphates and other non-water elements resident in the soil) is presented in Siemens per meter (S/m).

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